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Love life!
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Love life

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Monday, 9-May-2011 09:43
One love

We got one life, we have so many hopes, we got thousands of dreams, but do we also have one love?

What would you choose for this one love? http://www.hornypharaoh.com(Free porn movies), love, feelings, romance, sex, money, nature, animals, food, drink, women, men, games, career, sports, shoes, furs, jewels, cars; or what would you choose in this life fool of hope and dreams, as like your one love? I’m not talking in here about a passion, a job or a hobby, but about one love. About one single thing that you could call: “my love”. It is truth that in this life you must put feelings in order to make something right, even if we are not talking about a job or about a career in one particular domain. You need love and feelings in everything you do, even if is just a hobby. If you don’t at least, like what you are doing, then you will do it for nothing and more than sure, not good.

So, I know very well that we need love and passion in our lives, in everything that we do. But if we would be in the position of choosing our “one love”, which one will be?

Can I be the first one to choose? If I had to choose my own love, I would choose life. Life is so beautiful and complex. Life mixes love, feelings, joy, sadness, special moments and special people. Life is nature, life if fool with hope, with animals and people. In order to live your life, you need to eat, drink, work, shop, make love and even savage sex. Life is so very complicated and also beautiful, that contains everything that we want, everything that we need and everything that we could ever love. Love is life and life is everything that we need.

Why should we choose, just one part of our lives, like: money, sex, romance or even http://www.hornypharaoh.com(free porn videos)? Why to choose one and loose the other ones, when we can choose life and have it all!
Let’s make life the only one love in our lives and learn to appreciate more what we have. Let’s appreciate more each special moment that we live in our own “one love”.

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