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Sexy man
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Sexy man

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Wednesday, 6-Apr-2011 20:02
Who's more sexy?
Women are more sexy than men are. Right? This is well known, don’t know why, but that’s how it is. Maybe because the girls have beautiful shapes, dress more sexy than boys do, can wear make-up and sexy underwear and can also have, thanks to all that a sexy attitude. Don’t get me wrong! Boys can also dress sexy, wear make-up and “wear” a sexy attitude, but I feel that girls do this more often. It’s like a life style for them, to be a sexy girl.

So, what type of girl is more sexy? Models, dancers, actresses? Are the girls that act in http://www.hornypharaoh.com(free porn movies) sexy? Does that sexy underwear do the job? Or maybe their sexy moves..

What makes a girl/woman sexy? Her body is very important, all the men look for a sexy body. Her clothes are also an important part, of this sexy “mission”. Maybe a long blond hair, or brunette. All this “components” that can make a woman sexy can change. And they always do. They always change, according to the person that speaks his/her point of view. Some of us, like skirts, some of us prefer the jeans. Some people prefer blondes, some read heads, some brunettes. Some like fat girls, skinny girls, busty girls and so on!

But from my point of view, the most sexy part of a woman, is her attitude. Self confidence, self control, smart moves, sexy walk, intelligent talk, sexy gestures and so on; all this make a woman more sexy.

It doesn’t matter that much how you look, or how you dress, not as much as the attitude does. All this parts, that make a women more sexy than another are important, but the attitude along with a sharp mind can do magic!

Maybe some of us will think that girls with attitude are rude, are not so likeable or even hookers. Maybe the girls that act in http://www.hornypharaoh.com(free porn videos) might be considered hookers my short minded people, the look sexy, they dress sexy and they have a sexy attitude.

So what it take for a girl to be sexy, and also keep a good image of her self, in others eyes?

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